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BackupEDGE is a high performance, easy to use, fully integrated backup, restore and bare metal disaster recovery software product for Linux® and UNIX® server-based operating systems.

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About RecoverEDGE

RecoverEDGE™ is automated disaster recovery (DR) software component allowing complete bare metal recovery after a hardware failure without having to re-install the operating system, configure device drivers, etc. It comes free with the Linux, UnixWare® 7, OpenServer™ 6 and OpenServer 5 versions of BackupEDGE.

RecoverEDGE custom built boot media and a BackupEDGE backup (which on some archive types can be combined into a "bootable backup") are all that is necessary to recover from a hardware or software catastrophe.

Boot media types include:

Bare Metal Recovery from a major hardware catastrophe is now as simple as...

Links Currently Available

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Link Description Notes
S3-Compatible Cloud Backups Support for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, dinCloud D3, Dunkel and other cloud providers. Uses the standard S3 API. Signature version 2 and Signatue version 4 authentication supported.
NAS (Network Attached Storage) Backups Support for Standard Network Storage devices via FTP, NFS and CIFS/SMB†.  
SharpDrive Support Best available removable disk / cartridge support  
MySQL Notes Release notes on MySQL Backups  
New Scheduler Release notes on the new Backup Scheduler  
Data Retention Release notes on Time-To-Live, or Archive Retention  
Multiple Backups to Tape More information on Multiple Backups Per Tape  
Multiple Backups to Optical Media More information on Multiple Backups per Optical Medium DVD-RAM, DVD+RW,
and Blu-ray Disc BD-RE
D-to-*-to-* Backups How to shorten backup windows  
Updated Web Services Interface No download files: just enable and begin using it  
Updated License Manager Allows free updates and upgrades for all releases shipped up to 1 year from activation date.  

† Operating system dependent.

Last Updated - 2017/09/13