Linux Support - BackupEDGE 3.x

BackupEDGE and its disaster recovery component RecoverEDGE are tested against and support a number of Linux distributions. However there are simply too many Linux variants, with too many internal differences, to test and support them all. Please click on one of the five selections below to see more information about the Linux distribution you are using.

  1. Support for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Family, including CentOS, Oracle Linux Server, Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux.
  2. Support for the SUSE Family, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), OpenSUSE, and LEAP.
  3. Support for the Ubuntu Server Family.
  4. Support for the Ubuntu Desktop Family Including Linux Mint.
  5. Support for Other Linux Distributions.

NOTE: Linux server distributions are generally supported for finite periods of time, generally two to five years, by the developer releasing the product. BackupEDGE support may be limited, even under Subscription, after the operating system has reached the developer's official end-of-life.


Support Table


Support Table


Support Table

Last Updated - 2021-09-20