Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora Support

BackupEDGE Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora Support

Red Hat Ready As you make operating system selections based on Red Hat technologies, please remember the following...

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a commercially supported operating system, and the reference platform for BackupEDGE / RecoverEDGE support. It is a fully supported product.
  • CentOS is currently a community supported operating system derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. It has been the operating system of choice for BackupEDGE / RecoverEDGE users wanting to use a "free" operating system. It is currenlty a fully supported product, but will be deprecated by The CentOS Project at the end of 2021 in favor of CentOS Stream, which will not be built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code.
  • Fedora / Fedora Core is NOT the next version of legacy Red Hat Linux. It has been designated an experimental operating system, and as such it changes entirely too rapidly to be supported by a commercial product requiring intimate kernel and disk preparation knowledge. BackupEDGE is fully supported. RecoverEDGE is unsupported.
  • Oracle Linux Server is derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code with various combinations of community (free) and commercial (paid) support. It is fully supported.
  • Due to the recent policy change affecting CentOS, other products derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code are under development, such as Rocky Linux. Microlite will evaluate these as they are released and add them to our Support Tables if appropriate.

See our Linux Support Tables for additional information on specific releases.

Users of software written for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or just thinking about deploying Fedora in a production environment, should currently be considering Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Oracle Linux Server, for new server deployment.

We've tried, but because of the frequency of updates to Fedora / Fedora Core, it is impossible to fully support. We've had many instances of a daily automatic update of Fedora, which are supposed to be "minor" fixes, changing the system enough to break RecoverEDGE functionality.


Last Updated - 2021/06/14