BackupEDGE 3.x Release Notes

MySQL™ (and MariaDB) Online Backup Support

To set up MySQL™ backups in BackupEDGE 3.x, you should only have to run the installation program. It will ask you if you would like to include MySQL backups along with your normal, filesystem data. You will need to provide the following information (see example screen shots below):

BackupEDGE will automatically detect all databases and tables supported by one MySQL server and display a count of tables and databases detected. It will then create a BackupEDGE Domain called mysql that includes this information. You may (and are encouraged to) review and edit this information, to see if BackupEDGE’s autodetector has done something sane in your installation. This can be done via the Domain Editor.

MySQL Online Backup Support is not available under BackupEDGE for Xinuos SCO OpenServer 5.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using BackupEDGE for MySQL backups:

Remember, there are different "database engines" available in MySQL. The most popular are the older MyISAM and the newer, transaction-safe InnoDB.

The default is the best strategy WE could find. Users should modify to their own preference in the MySQL Domain editor.


Sample Screen Shots - MYSQL Setup Wizard
Setup MySQL - Configure MySQL Backups
Setup MySQL - Define MySQL Connection Type
Define Socket
Setup MySQL - Define MySQL Socket Path
Define Socket Path
Setup MySQL - Define MySQL Login
MySQL Login
Setup MySQL - Define MySQL Password
MySQL Password
Setup MySQL - Tables Detected
MySQL Tables Detected
Sample Screen Shots - MYSQL Domain - Character Mode
EDGEMENU - MySQL Backup Domain
MySQL Backup Domain
Sample Screen Shots - MYSQL Domain -Java Mode
EDGEMENU - MySQL Backup Domain
MySQL Backup Domain

Last Updated - 2013/07/24