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BackupEDGE 03.02.00 build 1 Now Available!

  • Announcing UEFI Support in RecoverEDGE for a large variety of Linux releases.
    See our UEFI Support Tables page for more information.
  • Full Support (including RecoverEDGE) for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Server SP3.
  • Full Support (including RecoverEDGE) for openSUSE LEAP 42.3.
  • Full Support (including RecoverEDGE) for CentOS 1708 (7.4).

See our September 2017 Newsletter for addional information.

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BackupEDGE™ is a high performance, easy to use, fully integrated backup, restore and bare metal disaster recovery software product for Linux® and UNIX® operating systems.

† Operating system dependent.


RecoverEDGE™ is automated disaster recovery (DR) software allowing complete bare metal recovery after a hardware failure without having to re-install the operating system, configure device drivers, etc. It comes free with the Linux, UnixWare® 7, OpenServer™ 6 and OpenServer 5 versions of BackupEDGE.

RecoverEDGE custom built boot media and a BackupEDGE backup (which on some archive types can be combined into a "bootable backup") are all that is necessary to recover from a hardware or software catastrophe.

Boot media types include:


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† P2V via GoToMeeting session only if pre-qualified.

Last Updated - 2017/09/14