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System reports Stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd(40)/boot after recovery
recoverEDGE root restore boot failure
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Problem Description
After doing a RecoverEDGE restore, I get the error message:
		Not a directory
		boot not found
		Stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd(40)/boot
and the system won't boot.

This refers to the boot program, which loads and executes the kernel each time you start the computer.


If /boot is missing, use this procedure to boot the system from the RecoverEDGE boot diskette so that you can restore the file.

           Execute the following commands:

1. Place your RecoverEDGE 2 boot floppy in the drive & power up. 2. At the BOOT:,enter:

fd(60)unix.Z root=hd(42) 3. Bring the system up to single user mode by entering the root password. 4. Unmount /stand by typing:

umount /stand 5. Re-mount /stand by typing:

mount /stand 6. Mount the boot floppy disk by typing:

mount -r /dev/fd0 /mnt 7. Copy the boot program to the hard disk:

cp /mnt/boot /stand 8. Unmount the floppy by typing:

umount /mnt 9. Shutdown the system using haltsys. 10. Remove the floppy & reboot.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03