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After boot recovery, the system complains that /boot is not found.
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Problem Description
The boot filesystem must be type EAFS

It is possible that the /boot divison is of type HTFS. Such a filesystem cannot be used to boot the system; type EAFS is required. The following error would be observed upon bootup if division 0 of the active parition is HTFS:

              /boot not found
              Stage 1 boot failure
              error loading hd/boot

To correct the problem, boot up under the recovery diskettes and run divvy in Inquire/Update mode. Select option 'c' to create a new boot filesystem (a 'Y' will appear under the New FS column), and then select the 't' option to convert it to type EAFS. Exit divvy and install the division table.

Creating a new filesystem will destroy its previous contents, so restore the /boot filesystem from tape after changing the filesystem type.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03