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I can't establish communication between servers to perform a Network Backup.
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Product Release(s)
03.04.0x 03.03.0x 03.02.0x 03.01.0x 03.00.0x 02.03.0x 02.02.0x 02.01.0x 02.00.0x 01.02.0x
Operating System(s)
Linux (glibc 2.1)
Linux (glibc 2.0)
Linux (libc)
Problem Description
After following the steps from Fax 49, I still cannot establish communication to my tape drive.
The network services inetd or xinetd may have remote shell support disabled.
Perform a process status to determine which service is running, either inetd or xinetd.

ps ax | grep inetd

If running inetd, check for the existence of the file named /etc/inetd.conf. If it is there, edit the file /etc/inetd.conf. Look for a line that looks like:

"# shell stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/rshd "

Uncomment that line, save the change. Type the command

kill -1 {process id that is running inetd}

then try your remote access.

If your system uses xinetd:

Edit /etc/xinetd.conf, see if it contains "disabled = shell". If so, comment it out using a #, then

kill -1 {process that is running xinetd}

see if it works. If so, stop.

Otherwise, continue with the steps below.

Change directory to /etc/xinetd.d. If it doesn't exist, then you're probably not running xinetd.

Check for a file called "shell". If it exists, edit it and make sure to change any of the following:

disable = yes to disable = no


enable = no to enable = yes

If the file does not exist, then you must create it by copying one of the other files in that directory, and editing it to look something like:

service shell

socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = yes
server = /usr/bin/rshd
disable = no

The "server" line may need to be altered based on your system. It will be "rshd", "in.rshd", and may be in a different directory.

Ether way, kill -1 {process that is running xinetd} and see if you can establish communication.

If rsh is disabled by default under your version of Linux, ssh may be used. Replace rsh with ssh.
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Last Updated - 2022/01/03