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How do I set up a Network Backup?
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Problem Description
How do I set up a Network Backup?
I have a server without a tape drive that I'd like to backup to another Unix server on our network.
Let's start from scratch...

It is necessary to have full root permissions across the network to the two machines so that edge can access the tape drive. You should have full peer permissions between the two machines. On each machine there should be a file named .rhosts. If you have an SCO box it should reside in / with read only permissions (400, same for Solaris) and on a Linux server it should reside in /root. In the file .rhosts, each machine should be listed by its node name. You will know you have full permissions set when you can 'rcmd' from the SCO box to the Linux box or 'rsh' from the Linux server to the SCO box.

Make sure that the file /usr/lib/edge/config/edge.fqhn on the target server has that servers node or hostname.

To test this, say for example, your remote machine has a node name of tapesrve, on the local machine ( after BackupEDGE is installed) type the command:

/usr/lib/edge/bin/edge.remote tapesrve ls /

This should list the / directory on the remote machine. Next type the commands:

/usr/lib/edge/bin/edge.remote tapesrve /usr/lib/edge/bin/edge.uci -vars /etc/default/edge.cfg

edgemenu -ping tapesrve

/usr/lib/edge/bin/edge.resmgr -list tapesrve:

The first line should list the environment variables as read in from /etc/default/edge.cfg. If all of these commands are successful, then network backups will be fine. If either fail, check your permissions in /.rhosts. Once communication is established between the two machines, on the local machine run edgemenu->Admin->Set Default Backup Resources. Type the remote system name you wish to use (tapesrve) and press enter. This will display the available resources on the remote machine, you will most likely select the resource named tape0. Then save the changes. Invoke edgemenu and attempt to write to the remote tape drive.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03