August 2015 Newsletter

August 2015 Newsletter

Dear BackupEDGE User,

We're pleased to announce the release of BackupEDGE 03.01.02 build 2, with...

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 / Oracle Linux Server 6.7 / CentOS 6.7 support.
  • Improvements to MySQL / MariaDB support.
  • Updated Amazon DevPay Interfaces and Screens.
  • Communications and Security Libraries updated.

This is an updated build to BackupEDGE 03.01.02, which added NFS Backups, GPT support for SharpDrives™, Ubuntu 15.04 support and more. Please see our June 2015 Newsletter for more information on these items.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 / Oracle Linux Server 6.7 / CentOS 6.7 support

These operating system versions have all been qualified under 03.01.02 build 2. While they may work under older releases, this is the BackupEDGE release we support with them moving forward.


Improvements to MySQL / MariaDB support

Recent changes to MySQL and MariaDB have required changes in the way we back them up. This release adds the proper support.


Updated Amazon DevPay Interfaces and Screens.

Our original Amazon S3 backup support Resource has been renamed Amazon DevPay to remove confusion with the new S3-Compatible API Resource.

Last year Amazon told us that they were discontinuing Amazon DevPay. Now they've decided to keep it. So we've...

  • Modified all product screens and menus, and all documentation, to use the Amazon DevPay name where appropriate.
  • Modified the default Resource definition quota to be 100GB, which is also the default allocated storage on Amazon DevPay.
  • Added the ability to disable Lazy Reclamation to this Resource.

Amazon DevPay Resources are generally much easier to set up and use than S3-Compatible API Resources. They require far less knowledge of Amazon key practices, bucket management, and access controls. Plus, the flat monthly fee for the first 100GB of storage and downloads/verifies is simpler to budget.

While the newer S3-Compatible API Resource allows cloud backups around the world from many vendors using the S3 API, if you are in the US and like Amazon then we highly recommend the simplicity we've designed into Amazon DevPay Resources.

Additional information on Amazon DevPay backups.

Additional information on S3-Compatible backups.


Updated Security and Communications Libraries

We constantly track changes in the security and communications libraries used by BackupEDGE, even if we probably aren't using portions of the libraries that may be subject to vulnerability. BackupEDGE 03.01.02 build 2 has the most recent libraries available.


Requests from the Support Department

When you email, the support server generates an incident tracking number for you. It immediately returns an acknowledgement to you...

  • Indicating that we've received the support request.
  • Providing the ticket number.
  • Requesting the minimum information we need to process your request.

I can't stress enough that...

  • If you don't get the acknowledgement immediately, we probably didn't get your email.
  • If you don't provide enough information, we can't help you so we'll have to ask for it anyway.

An amazing number of support requests come in providing an error message or saying that something isn't working, without any of the supporting information our Support Department needs to help you. Be as detailed as possible. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can help.

At minimum, please provide...

  • The Serial Number of the BackupEDGE license in use:
  • The Operating System and Release in use, i.e. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7, etc.:
  • The output of "cat /usr/lib/edge/config/":
  • Output of "uname -a" (Linux) or "uname -X" (Xinuos/SCO):

This gives us a real head start on providing you with the fastest possible response times.


Helpful Web Site Links

Kindest regards, and thanks for your continuing support of Microlite Corporation and BackupEDGE.

D. Thomas Podnar
Microlite Corporation
888-257-3343 - Toll-Free
724-375-6711 - Main