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The verify routine in BackupEDGE is very slow.
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Product Release(s)
01.01.08, 01.02.00
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
The verify routine with indexing enabled takes a very long time. In some instances, taking as long as 24 hours.

For example, using the "/etc/edge.nightly" cron entry, configured by "/etc/edge.cronset", backing up 8GB approximately to DLT tape takes approximately one hour. However, the verification process takes almost 24 hours to complete.

This problem is not specific to DLT drives, or even to tape drives. Other backup media types (disk files, DVD-RAM, etc.) are also affected.

If your verify is taking an unusually long time to complete with the index option enabled but returns to a normal speed when indexing is disabled, then you may be suffering from this problem.

Producing indexes for Fast File Restore can take a very long time depending on the file names present on the system. Directories that contain a large number (thousands) of files can cause the indexing operation to perform extremely slowly. This has been traced to a cache problem with edge.index, the BackupEDGE indexing program.

By default, BackupEDGE's "edge.nightly" will verify and index the tape for Fast File Restore.

An extract from the BackupEDGE manual states:

If you are going to index a tape, it is strongly recommended that you also perform a Bit-Level Verification on the tape since it does not take significantly more time than an index alone.

If you are using 01.01.08 or earlier, disable indexing or contact Microlite Support.

This problem has been reported to Microlite Support and has been resolved in: BackupEDGE 01.02.01 Build 1.

If you are using 01.02.00 build 4 or earlier, download and install the most current release of BackupEDGE 01.02.01 or later.

See Also
The following error appears on our main system console: NOTICE: cha: SCSI data underrun ha=1 id=2 lun=0 cmd=05 blk=0 len=8185 Data arriving from a SCSI peripheral under-filled storage (chaN07)

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03