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How do I remove Amazon DevPay from my BackupEDGE installation?
BackupEDGE Amazon Devpay S3 cloud services
Product Release(s)
03.02.0x 03.01.03
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
I am discontinuing service to Amazon S3 and would like to remove the resource from my BackupEDGE install.
We've decided to discontinue using Amazon Web Services (devpay) as a backup destination.
You terminate Amazon on the Amazon side by following the instructions for Deactivation here...

Next, the server needs to be told it is no longer connected to Amazon S3.

1) Remove the Resource in edgemenu - Admin - Define Resources. Point the cursor to aws0 and press F6 or CTRL-X

2) Manually edit /usr/lib/edge/system/pconfig/defaults/urldata and remove all lines starting with

3) Edit /usr/lib/edge/config/master.cfg

- Change IS_S3_ACT= to NO

- Change IS_S3_SETUP= to NO

4) Remove any databases in /usr/lib/edge/database.

At this point, the machine doesn't know it ever had an S3 Resource. If you desire to move to a different cloud solution, please see our User's Guide for details.
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Last Updated - 2022/01/03