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When I attempt to change the Company or System/Node name, I receive a License Failure Message. What can I do?
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Problem Description
We've changed our company name and it then gives us a "License Failure Message" What can be done to correct this?
The license registration/activation keys are built on various fields in the registration form & system info. If any of these are modified after activation, your license is invalidated.
If your system name has changed, you may either return it to its original or register BackupEDGE with the new system name.

Be advised that BackupEDGE licenses are not transferable. It may also be required to send along with a new registration form a letter on Company Stationery certifying that the companies are the same and why the name change is occurring.

In addition, if your BackupEDGE license is no longer under a current Support and Maintenace Subscription; it will be required to either renew your Support and Maintenance Subscription or pay a re-activation fee.

For details, please contact our Sales Dept at (888) 257-3343 or

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03