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'System Name' field empty during BackupEDGE registration
system node name registration
Product Release(s)
BackupEDGE 01.01.0x for SCO XENIX systems
Problem Description
The BackupEDGE registration program shows the "system name" field is blank. MICROLITE requires that I have a "system name" entry but the registration program doesn't allow editing this field. What now?

BackupEDGE captures the machine's node name and places the node name in the "system name" field when the registration program is run. If there is no node name set, then nothing will be placed in the "system name" field. The node name is a kernel tunable parameter, so it can be changed and then the kernel re-linked to reflect this change. This change must be made through the operating system, not the BackupEDGE registration program.

Log in as root and be in the root directory. Type uname -n at the command prompt. If the resulting output is empty then no node name is currently set.

Procedure to set node name:

 	1.  Be logged in as root and be in the root ("/") directory. 
	    Make a copy of the xenix kernel for safekeeping.
	    cp /xenix /xenix.backup   
	2.  Type
       	    at the root prompt.
	3.  Using the right arrow key, highlight "System" and hit enter.
	    Then highlight "Configure" and hit enter.  Now highlight
	    "Kernel" and hit enter.
	4.  The parameter category we are reconfiguring is "System Name".
	    The number "10" should correspond to "System Name" in the list
	    of options.  Choose "10".
 	5.  Enter a node name of your choice and hit enter.
 	6.  Choose "q" to quit.
	7.  Choose "y" to update the system configuration files with your
	8.  There will be information about relinking the kernel; ignore
	    it for the time being and hit enter.
	9.  Hit the escape key until the administration shell gives you an
	    option to "Quit".  Highlight "Quit", hit enter, then highlight
	    "Yes" to leave the shell and hit enter.
       10.   At root prompt, type:
      	     cd /usr/sys/conf     and hit enter.  Then type
	     ./link_xenix   and hit enter  (this will relink kernel)

11. When you get root prompt back, type: ./hdinstall and hit enter (This command installs new xenix kernel)

12. Shut down and reboot. This will activate the new kernel. Then run the BackupEDGE registration program and the new system name should be reflected in the "system name" field.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03