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In an attempt to make RecoverEDGE media, it fails with: Unable to Find USB Drivers
SCO OpenServer 6 USB Drivers RecoverEDGE Failed to Create Boot Image
Product Release(s)
03.00.05 build 4
Operating System(s)
SCO Openserver 6.0x
Problem Description
In an attempt to create a RecoverEDGE image on my SCO 6 server, I got the error 'Failed to Create Boot Image' followed by 'Details: Unable to Find USB Drivers'.
RecoverEDGE under SCO 6 and SCO 6V requires the USB modules in order to create media. This is true even if no USB devices are being used.
After exiting RecoverEDGE, return to the shell while logged in as root, type the commands:

modadmin -l usb_ehci
modadmin -l usb_uhci
modadmin -l usb_ohci

Then repeat your attempt to create media.

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Last Updated - 2018/05/16