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Ramdisk creation fails when booting from the recovery diskettes.
RecoverEDGE 8meg alloc ramdisk
Product Release(s)
RecoverEDGE 01.01.00 and 01.01.01
Problem Description
I only have 8 megabytes of ram in my system. When I try to use my boot diskettes, RecoverEDGE issues an error creating the ramdisk.

RecoverEDGE is trying to allocate a 4 meg ramdisk, and the system is running out of memory.

From MICROLITE's FTP site (, download the following two files:

	   ./fixes/re2_8meg  (rename to '/usr/lib/edge/recover2/re2')
	   ./fixes/inst_8meg (rename to '/usr/lib/edge/recover2/instscript')

Insure the link from /usr/lib/edge/recover2/re2 to /etc/re2 and /usr/lib/mkdev/re2 are intact.

Edit the file /usr/lib/edge/recover2/MISCFILES and remove the lines for:


There are two caveats to this procedure. First, the user will no longer be able to perform a listing on the directories on his or her boot diskettes. Second, the user will no longer be able to perform any 'tape' functions (eg rewind, reset) while running under the boot diskettes.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03