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RecoverEDGE fails to run divvy from the recovery diskettes
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Product Release(s)
BackupEDGE 01.01.0x for OpenServer 5/ RecoverEDGE 2
Problem Description
RecoverEDGE fails when running divvy in installation mode on systems with more than 1 hard drive, while booted from RecoverEDGE diskettes.

The entry in /etc/RE2.DRIVES for DIVVYB reads DIVVYB = "/etc/divvy -i" when it should be DIVVYB = "/etc/divvy -m".

To correct this entry through the RecoverEDGE 2 menu:

         1.  Invoke Utilities->Editor
         2.  Load the file RE2.DRIVES.  This file contains a list
             of the hard drives on the system.  On any entries that
             pertain to hard drives other than the first, change the 
             -i parameter for divvy to -m.
	     Note:  The -i parameter permits the user to divide the disk
	        to contain a root filesystem on division 0.
		The -m parameter permits the user to create a number of 
		mountable filesystems on a disk.
	 3.  After the changes are made, press F3 to save.  Then highlight
	     'OK' and press enter.  Press F2 to return to the main menu.
	 4.  After saving the file, then proceed with your install/restore.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03