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I can run RecoverEDGE from the command line, but not from edgemenu
edgemenu re2 SCO 5 OpenServer upgrade BackupEDGE 01.02.00 SS
Product Release(s)
01.01.02 build 1
Operating System(s)
SCO Openserver 5.0x
Problem Description
When in edgemenu, I cannot run RecoverEDGE. It errors with the message "Could Not Run re2" It will run from the command line, though.
When BackupEDGE 01.02.00 was installed, it was installed as an upgrade to 01.01.07 or earlier. During the install, a link to RecoverEDGE wasn't included properly.

If upgrading from BackupEDGE 01.01.07 or earlier, it is advised to completely remove the older version prior to installing BackupEDGE 01.02.00.

If BackupEDGE 01.02.00 is already installed and activated, do the following:

Copy the files /usr/lib/edge/config/info.register and /usr/lib/edge/config/edge.register to a safe location. These are your license files.

Remove BackupEDGE 01.02.00 from your system, then reinstall. Allow BackupEDGE to re-detect all of your resources. Once the installation is complete, then move your saved copies of info.register and edge.register back into /usr/lib/edge/config.

This has been presented to development, an update will appear in a later release.
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Last Updated - 2022/01/03