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Recovery diskette creation fails with the error message "Error getting nlist information".
RecoverEDGE 2 Diskette Creation Error Getting Nlist Information
Product Release(s)
BackupEDGE 01.01.0X / RecoverEDGE 2
Problem Description
When I try to create recovery diskettes, I get the error message "Error getting nlist information" and the program terminates.


The permissions on the kernel (/unix or /stand/unix) may be incorrect. Also, it is possible that the symbol information may have already been stripped out of the kernel so that RecoverEDGE 2 can't access the symbol information (via the 'strip' command)


Either fix the permissions on the kernel or re-link a new kernel (which will then contain symbol information) and then create recovery diskettes.

Permissions on /unix & /stand/unix should consists of read permsissions for both user and group. If you take a listing of /unix & /stand/unix the permissions should be as follows:

       	  r--r-----	bin	mem	 {file size} 	/unix
	  r--r-----	bin	mem	 {file size}	/stand/unix (OS 5 only)

If your kernel's permissions are different, change it by issuing a chmod 440 /unix, and press enter.

If you are running OS 5 /stand/unix is on a read only filesystem and the permissions can't be changed unless you unmount /stand and remount it as read write. This is best accomplished in single user mode. A better alternative would be to re-link a kernel and let the operating system handle it.

To re-link the kernel type:


Follow the prompts, when complete then you may attempt to generate your diskettes.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03