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Can I Use RecoverEDGE with KVM Virtual Guests?
BackupEDGE RecoverEDGE Linux KVM libvirt
Product Release(s)
03.04.0x 03.03.0x 03.02.0x
Operating System(s)
Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 / 8)
Linux (CentOS 7 / 8)
Problem Description
RecoverEDGE won't recognize the hard drive(s) during recovery when running KVM with Linux guests.
By default, KVM set up new guests to use a paravirtualized hard disk driver, which creates device nodes such as /dev/vda, /dev/vdb, etc. These are not recognized by RecoverEDGE. So it can't prep virtual hard drives during disaster recovery.
Power off the Linux guest. Make a clone for safekeeping if possible.

Using the libvirt graphical virt-manager interface, or a command line interface, change the hard disk type from Virtio to either SATA or SCSI.

Power up the guest. It will work fine but the disk device nodes will now be /dev/sda, /dev/sdb etc., which are supported by RecoverEDGE.

Re-create and test your RecoverEDGE media or ISO images.

This procedure has been tested and found to work using CentOS 7 or CentOS 8 for both the host operating system and the guest operating system.

This procedure technically switches the virtio driver from "Paravirtualized" to "Emulated" disk controller mode. This may have a slight impact on performance.

Support for paravirtualized (/dev/vd?) disk devices is anticipated in future releases of BackupEDGE.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03