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My BackupEDGE release for IBM RISC errors when I attempt to install.
BackupEDGE IBM AIX RISC 6000 tar block size 512 variable fixed
Product Release(s)
BackupEDGE 01.01.02 for IBM RISC System/6000
Problem Description

I received my distribution of BackupEDGE for IBM RISC on 4mm tape, when I attempted to install I received errors from the tape drive stating "An error occurred while reading from the media".


BackupEDGE distribution tapes are created in variable block mode, some AIX systems are set to fixed block mode.

Change the drives block size to variable, this can be done through smit or to save time through the command line while logged in as root.
	  At the # prompt type the following:

	  tctl -f /dev/tape status (press enter)

	  (NOTE: tape is your tape device, usually rmt0).

Write down the block size number, to return your drive to this value. This number is usually 0, 512 or 1024. We will use 512 for our example.

To set your tape device to a variable block size type:

chdev -l 'rmt0' -a block_size='0'(press enter) When complete, you should see 'rmt0 changed'. Then install your BackupEDGE product per the installation instructions. Upon a completed installation, return your device back to the block size you wrote down earlier. This is accomplished by the following:

chdev -l 'rmt0' -a block_size='512' (press enter)

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03