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Attempting to install an ATAPI CD/DVD writer on VMware ESXi.
ATAPI Polling VMWare ESXI SCO 6v, SCO 5.0.x
Product Release(s)
03.00.06 build 3
Operating System(s)
SCO Openserver 5.0x
SCO Openserver 6.0x
SCO UnixWare 7.1.x
Problem Description
When installing BackupEDGE, upon autodetection of an attached ATAPI DVD/CD Drive BackupEDGE hangs with the message in syslog

"WARNING: Atapi device -going into polling mode"

What is the cause?

The IDE / ATAPI drivers in Xinuos SCO operating systems are not capable of passing the full command set used by BackupEDGE.

In the vSphere client, when setting up the virtual machine, the ONLY supported configuration for the primary CDROM drive is:

Device Type: Client Device Mode: Passthrough IDE Virtual Device Node: IDE (0:0) CD/DVD Drive 1

This will allow you to detect the media-less virtual drive. It should not be attached to a physical CDROM drive.

You may create a secondary CDROM to attach to a physical CD/DVD drive in your server if you wish. This MUST be mapped via "add SCSI device" in VMware.

Point to the IDE/ATAPI/SATA drive in the server through the drop down menu in the vSphere client. It will then appear to the Xinuos SCO operating system as a SCSI device.

OpenServer 6 and UnixWare 7.1.4 should find the device automatically. OpenServer 5 users must run "mkdev cdrom" and configure the SCSI device node.

You must have non-blank media in this device to auto-detect it via EDGEMENU.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03