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Edgemenu is slow to start
edgemenu nslookup slow delay network
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Problem Description
When edgemenu is executed, it takes a long time to start. Sometimes as long as two minutes.
Your problem is most likely that you are not on a network, or that you are on a network but you don't have proper name service.

During installation, you are asked if you are on a network. If so, BackupEDGE tries to use NSLOOKUP to resolve the system name. It is probably timing out.

First, get the output from the command uname -n. Save it, you will need it. There are two solutions, you may edit the file /etc/default/edge.cfg. Look for the varible EDGEFQHN, set it to equal your system name. Save the change.

The second solution applies to BackupEDGE 01.01.08 build 5 or later.

Type the command : uname -n > /usr/lib/edge/config/edge.fqhn

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03