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edgemenu doesn't hold my Primary Resource after I add it.
edgemenu tape0 primary resource resmgr edge.fqhn node
Product Release(s)
02.01.0x 02.02.0x
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
I've set my primary resource, but when I exit edgemenu it asks to set it again.
This can be caused by two known circumstances. First is a change in system nameand edge.fqhn hasn't been updated. Second is being out of space on the root filesystem.
First is to check that your node name to see if matches what edgemenu is displaying. If it is not, this will probably also reflect in the domain/sequence that is being used. Run the program:


This will set the necessary fields to the correct system name.

The second solution is to check how much space is on the root filesystem and clean it up if necessary.

Please note that we've seen instances where 'df -vk' does not show the filesystem as being out of space, but attempting a file copy or even a 'crontab -e' command failed due to being out of space.
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Last Updated - 2022/01/03