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Edgemenu fails with message "/usr/bin/edgemenu: syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected".
edgemenu BackupEDGE SCO Unix Xenix syntax error
Product Release(s)
BackupEDGE 01.01.05 releases dated 07/01/98 through 07/24/98.
Problem Description
Edgemenu fails with message "/usr/bin/edgemenu: syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected"

This is a result of the system being non-networked and the way that BackupEDGE obtains the system name causing a (null) to be returned. This only occurs with media labeling enabled.

There is a work around for this problem. First obtain the system node name by performing a 'uname -X' command. We will use the result of "Node =". Edit the file /etc/default/edge.cfg to add an entry for EDGEFQHN.

For example the command uname -X returns "Node = scosysv"

Add the entry in /etc/default/edge.cfg to read "EDGEFQHN=scosysv".

Save the change to /etc/default/edge.cfg and the error should be corrected.

This has been brought to the attention of the software staff for a permanent correction in a later release.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03