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My backup fails with an error code 4. What does this mean?
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Problem Description
My backup fails with an error code 4. What does this mean?

An error code 4 is an error writing to the archive device. This error is usually accompanied by an informational message from the operating system.


The following error numbers from the operating system can be found in your catalog listing /usr/lib/edge/lists/LAST_1 (1 can be Master, Increm, Backup). These will generally cause an error 4 to be reported by BackupEDGE.

Tape write error 2 - no such file or directory

Check your configuration for both root & cron in edge.config, you may find that there is a discrepancy between the two settings. This is especially true on a new installation of BackupEDGE.

Tape write error 5 - I/O error

This error is an indication of a problem with either the media or the tape drive. The operating system will describe this as a physical I/O error. You may be able to correct this problem by cleaning the drive & retensioning your tapes. Lowering the block factor may also be in order. If these measures fail, your drive may require hardware service.

Tape write error 6 - No such device or address.

This error usually signifies the end of tape has been reached unexpectedly. Check the data cartridge used, and compare the volume size as specified in edge.config. The OS defines this error as I/O on a special file refers to a subdevice which does not exist or is beyond the limits of the device.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03