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Firewall problems with AWS Backups under BackupEDGE.
BackupEDGE AWS aws0 SonicWall RE*T REST
Product Release(s)
03.04.0x 03.03.0x 03.02.0x 03.01.0x 03.00.0x 02.03.01
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
Potential problems arising with Amazon S3 backups with BackupEDGE
We've found that the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus subsystem may suppress the use of HTTP Byte-Range requests to prevent the sectional retrieval and reassembly of potentially malicious content. This is done by terminating the connection and thus preventing the user from receiving the malicious payload.

Override this setting in the SonicWALL by going to Security Services - Gateway Anti-Virus - and click "Configure Gateway AV Settings". Check "Enable HTTP Byte-Range requests with Gateway AV" and click on "OK".

Other firewall appliances may have similar settings. Check your User's Guide.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03