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Backup errors with exit 15
edge error 15 WARNING exceeded pathlength 170 characters failed:
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Problem Description
BackupEDGE returned an error 15 after a Master Backup.
The most common reasons for an error 15 is that a file exceeded the maximum allowable path length that is imposed by edge. That length is set at 170 characters, if you have any paths that exceed 170, BackupEDGE will not archive them. Another reason is that the file was not accessible due to permissions.

This error can also be caused by an expired activation, in this case no files are archived.

An error 15 is a non-fatal error. Suggested remedies are to scan through the file /usr/lib/edge/lists/LAST_Master. Search for occurrences of the words 'failed:', 'edge:', WARNING, or 'exceeded'. These phrases are contained the text that accompanies an error 15.

If a pathlength is suspected of exceeding the maximum allowable length, your options would be to shorten the path or exclude the directory from backup. To find the 10 longest paths on your system run the following command:

find / -print | awk '{print length($0), $0}' | sort -n -r | head -10

BackupEDGE 01.02.0x has a 400 character pathlength limit with a 170 character limit for symbolic links.

BackupEDGE 02.00.0x and later has an unlimited pathlength. If your OS is supported by BackupEDGE, you should consider this upgrade.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03