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Error 11: interrupted During Backup
master incremental backup 11 139
Product Release(s)
01.00.0x, 01.01.0x, 01.02.0x
Problem Description
Error 11 (interrupted) occurs durng a backup operation.

The manual definition of the error is "process interrupted".

If the process was not interrupted when this error was generated, scan your catalog listing in /usr/lib/edge/lists/LAST_Master for the occurences of the words edge:, WARNING:, or failed. Then do an ls -lb on the directory in question. An ls -lb will take a listing of the directory and print all non graphic characters in the \ddd notation (in octal). It is possible that a file was created by a user who used the cursor keys rather than the backspace key to correct mistakes.

Such a file would appear to be normal in a listing (ex: /u/acct/user/letter.2u), but when listed under an ls -lb appear as /u/acct/usr/lettir\033[D\033\[Der.2u, this is sufficient to cause an error 11 on your backup or verify.

Another possibility is that the file system itself is corrupted, and is pointing BackupEDGE to the wrong area on the drive. If this is suspected, shutdown system to single user mode and execute a fsck -y on the file system to attempt to clean any inconsistencies.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03