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How do I restore a file with spaces in the name?
BackupEDGE restore edgemenu spaces filename
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Problem Description
I have some files on my server that have spaces in the filename. How do I restore these files from edgemenu?
BackupEDGE uses a space as a field separator between files to be restored.
Create a data file with the files listed in it. Use the restore option under edgemenu, select the option for Individual Files, then fill in the section "List Files to Include".

For example, I have a series of files under the directory /u/data/mydocuments. These files are named:

  • Monthly expenses & income.xls
  • Distribution Specs.doc
  • Golf Outing - 2000.xls

    Create a text file with the file names, our example will be named /tmp/filelist. The file will have one file entry per line.

    ./u/data/mydocuments/Monthly expenses & income.xls
    ./u/data/mydocuments/Distribution Specs.doc
    ./u/data/mydocuments/Golf Outing - 2000.xls

    Then run edgemenu, select Restore - Use File List. Place the cursor on the line titled List File for Includes, here you will enter the file /tmp/filelist. Select continue, then Execute Restore. Under BackupEDGE 2.x, you may do this from the menu by issuing a backslash+space character where the space exists. You may type this on the line labeled "Files/Directories to Include..." when selecting the restore option from edgemenu. This will be interpreted properly when the restore is executed.

  • Notes
    Please note that under BackupEDGE 02.00.0x and later one can restore files with spaces from edgemenu by replacing the "space" character with the keystrokes "\space". So in effect, you can type the path as:

    ./u/data/mydocuments/Monthly\ expenses\ &\ income.xls

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    Last Updated - 2022/01/03