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Backup fails with "Tape Write Error 6 - No Such Device or Address"
BackupEDGE error 6 exit 4 premature failed
Product Release(s)
02.02.0x 02.01.0x 02.00.0x 01.02.0x 01.01.0x 01.00.0x
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
Backup Failed with an error 4, tape write error 6.
A tape write error 6 is defined as 'exceeding the limits of the device'. With BackupEDGE the device driver is detecting hardware end of tape prematurely. Usually, BackupEDGE will show a value or offset that sometimes can assist in letting us know how deep the archive ran.

Depending on the volume size specified for your data cartridge, edge can expect one value, but get a different one. For example (in releases prior to 01.01.07), if you tell edge your drive can perform hardware data compression when in reality it is not capable or enabled. You can get a tape write error. If I tell edge my drive is performing compression and I am using a 90 Meter cartridge with a native capacity of 2 gigabytes, but edge expects 4 gig, I run the risk of a tape write error 6 if I get near the 2 gigabyte capacity of the tape cartridge.

Another case could be because the tape drive isn't changing tracks properly, this could be remedied by cleaning the drive.

You may want to test the drive by running edge at the command line and the OS tar utility to the tape drive. At the #, in the / directory type:

edge cvbf 20 /dev/null . {enter} (Don't forget the dot after the null device)

Did the edge binary run the archive to completion? This took the drive out of th e picture. Next would be to put the drive back into the mix. Type:

edge cvbf 20 /dev/{tape drive . {enter}

Did edge fail? If so, the next step would be to take edge out of the mix and try writing to the device using tar.

type - tar cvf /dev/{tape device} . {enter}

Let this run, if tar fails, you may want to have the drive/hardware looked at.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03