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The unattended backup scheduled through edge.cronset doesn't run.
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Product Release(s)
BackupEDGE 01.01.0x
Problem Description
The unattended backup scheduled through edge.cronset doesn't run.

Although there is no single specific cause for an unattended backup not to run, there are a number reasons for this occurrence.

This will be a process of elimination to find the cause of this problem. The first will be to ensure that /etc/cron is running. To do this, log in as root and type:

ps -ef | grep cron

There should be a line returned showing a process that has /etc/cron being executed.

Once /etc/cron is confirmed as having been run by the system, we should check that there is an entry for edge.nightly in the crontab file for root. This can be easily accomplished by typing:

crontab -l

You should then see a line at the bottom of the listing similar to the one below.

0 23 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /etc/edge.nightly -MB -n root -d /dev/null 1>/dev/null 2>&1

If this line doesn't exist, run edge.cronset and save the settings. If your nightly still doesn't run, after undertaking the previous two steps. Then change directory to /usr/lib/edge/lists, if this directory doesn't exist, create it. The edge.nightly script requires the existence of this directory. The unattended backup will not execute if this directory is not present. The ommission of this directory can occur, while performing a boot recovery, by exiting RecoverEDGE before being prompted to power off your machine. Usually /usr/lib/edge/lists is excluded during a Master Backup, therefore it is not restored.

Search for a file named edge.progress. The existence of this file will prevent another unattended backup from starting.

If this file exists, check the output of the commands:

'tail /usr/lib/edge/lists/LAST_Master'

'tail /usr/lib/edge/lists/LAST_Verify'

The output of these two catalogs may give a reason as to why edge.progress still exists. You can then take appropriate action. That could be 'inserting volume 2' for your backup & continuing, or killing all edge processes & removing edge.progress. Then taking care of any problem mentioned in the catalog files.

If edge.progress does not exist and the unattended backup does not execute, run edge.cronset. You will want to check the following field.

M - Send Diagnostic Output To

If this field is sending output to anything other than a file, edge.nightly will not run. This field must be either /dev/null or another filename on the system.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03