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Some BackupEDGE Command Line Programs Don't Work in 03.03.00 and 03.04.00.
BackupEDGE Symbolic Links
Product Release(s)
03.04.00 03.03.00
Operating System(s)
Linux (ALL)
Problem Description
Some command-line programs like edge.restore and edge.segadm don't work properly. When you run them, EDGEMENU launches instead.
When I try to run some BackupEDGE programs from the command line, they launch edgemenu instead of running the program. This happens on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Family, some Ubuntu Kernels and in certain instances on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.
Due to an ncurses library issue, BackupEDGE03.03.00 and later may use a startup script which replaces EDGEMENU. Some command line programs which do not function are actually symbolic links to EDGEMENU. These must be changed to point to the proper executable.
Run the script.

The script will determine whether symbolic links in BackupEDGE need to be changed and fix them automatically.

The script can be found at:

- Download the file to the /tmp directory on the server.

- # chmod 755 /tmp/

- # /tmp/

This will check and fix any incorrect links.

This will be fixed in BackupEDGE releases after 03.04.00 build 2.
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Last Updated - 2022/01/03