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I get am getting the message "Drive Preparation Failed".
53 backupedge 01.02.0x edgemenu edge.nightly Validation of Media Failed
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Problem Description
When starting a backup, verify, or restore operation, I receive the message "Drive Preparation Failed", with an exit code of 53.
BackupEDGE was unable to prepare backup device / media for access.

Usually, the summary provides more detailed information (near the bottom) as to what went wrong. Check there for additional messages (some of which are shown below).

Usually the log file /usr/lib/edge/lists/LogFile will contain additional information.

Unable To Blank resource_name Resource - BackupEDGE was unable to blank a CD-RW medium. Try to manually blank the medium, or try a new medium. CD-RW media generally fails after several reuses; if you can blank other CD-RWs, this may be the problem.

Unable To Prepare resource_name Resource - BackupEDGE was unable to prepare the resource for use. A more descriptive reason is given. Generally, this indicates that BackupEDGE could not start a spooling process (in which case you should contact Microlite Technical Support or your VAR / Dealer / Reseller), or could not control the low-level parameters of the device. In the latter case, refer to "Cannot Read Parameters" above.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03