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I get the message "Cannot Make Backup Bootable -- Aborting!"
53 backupedge 01.02.0x edgemenu edge.nightly Cannot Make Backup Bootable -- Aborting
Product Release(s)
03.00.03 02.02.0x 02.01.0x 02.00.0x 01.02.0x
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
When starting a backup operation, I receive the message "Cannot Make Backup Bootable -- Aborting!", with an exit code of 53.
You are trying to make a backup that is bootable, but you have not yet performed all the steps necessary to do so.

Usually the log file /usr/lib/edge/lists/LogFile will contain additional information.

When you elect to make a backup bootable through edgemenu or the Advanced Properties tab of a Scheduled Job, you must first do several things:

1. You must run RecoverEDGE to create the appropriate boot image for the type of archive device you're using.

2. If you are making HP-OBDR(tm) bootable backup tapes, you must set the Tape Block Size (NOT the Edge Block Size) to 2048.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03