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I get am getting the message "Validation of Media Failed".
53 backupedge 01.02.0x 02.00.0x 02.01.0x 02.02.0x edgemenu edge.nightly Validation of Media Failed
Product Release(s)
02.02.0x 02.01.0x 02.00.0x 01.02.0x
Operating System(s)
All Supported
Problem Description
When starting a backup, verify, or restore operation, I receive the message "Validation of Media Failed", with an exit code of 53.
BackupEDGE was unable to validate the medium in the resource that will or does hold the archive. Usually, the summary provides more detailed information (near the bottom) as to what went wrong.

Usually the log file /usr/lib/edge/lists/LogFile will contain additional information also. Be sure to check there for more error messages (some of which are described below).

First, check the summary for the operation. Near the bottom, it should provide more information (such as "Error Loading First Medium"). You may also find more detailed information in the log file /usr/lib/edge/lists/LogFile. Here is a description of the errors and their causes:

Error Loading First Medium or Error Loading Next Medium - The first/next medium could not be loaded. If the backup device is part of an autochanger, be sure that the Scheduled Job has the appropriate st or bc elements specified. Also remember that st0 is the first storage element, not st1.

Media List Not Given for Changer - The Scheduled Job uses a resource which has an associated autochanger, but you left the "Media List" blank during scheduling. Return to the scheduler and enter the st / bc element(s) to be loaded for each day of the week. Use the F1 key on the Media List fields for more information.

Medium Load Failed - No Changer - Be sure that the association between the backup resource and its associated autochanger is correct edgemenu:Admin:Define Resources.

Medium Load Failed - Media List Used - The Scheduled Job required more media than you've provided in the Media List. Provide more st or bc elements, or make sure the volume sizes are set right in the Resource Manager (edgemenu:Admin:Define Resources).

Unloading of Outgoing Medium Failed - BackupEDGE was unable to unload the previous medium (or whatever medium was in the autochanger when the operation started) before loading the next one.

Loading of New Medium Via edge.changer Failed - BackupEDGE couldn't load the incoming medium via edge.changer. Be sure the Media List in the scheduler is correct.

Cannot Read Parameters For Medium Check - BackupEDGE was unable to get the low-level device parameters. Try running "edge.tape -t your_resource_name" to see if it completes. If it does not, either contact Microlite Techinical Support (or your VAR / Dealer / Reseller, if appropriate), or use the Resource Manager (edgemenu:Admin:Define Resources) to switch the interface type to "Other" or "None" to disable low-level hardware control.

Medium Check Failed -- Could Not Check For Media - BackupEDGE was unable to tell if there was medium in the drive. Check the "Cannot Read Parameters" error above for corrective action.

Medium Check Failed -- No Medium Detected - BackupEDGE successfully checked for media, but found none. First, verify that media is actually present in the device. If so, run an "edge.tape -t your_resource_name" to see if it reports media correctly. If so, contact Microlite Technical Support or your VAR / Dealer / Reseller for assistance. If edge.tape does not report media, refer to "Cannot Read Parameters" above for more ideas.

Medium Check Failed -- Blank Medium Detected - You're trying to read from a blank medium. See if the medium actually has data on it.

Medium Check Failed -- Non-Rewritable Media Not Blank - You are trying to do a backup onto a CD-R that already has data on it. You must use a blank CD-R instead.

Medium Check Failed -- Medium Is Write-Protected - Un-protect the medium to allow writing. This can also occur if the medium is of the wrong type for the device (e.g., some CD-R drives will report this when a CD-RW is inserted).

Read Label from Medium Failed - BackupEDGE was unable to read the existing label of the archive on the medium. Try re-initializing the medium through edgemenu.

Initializing Non-ReWritiable Medium Prohibited - You are trying to initialze a write-once medium, such as a CD-R. Don't do that.

Differential/Incremental Backup Must Be Promoted To Master/Differential - You are trying to do a Differential or Incremental backup (a) to a sequence that does not have a Master or Differential backup on which to base this new backup, or (b) onto a tape that has a Master or Differential backup on which this backup is based. Either perform the appropriate backup(s), use a different tape, or select the correct Promotion options in the Scheduler.

Unable To Blank resource_name Resource - BackupEDGE was unable to blank a CD-RW medium. Try to manually blank the medium, or try a new medium. CD-RW media generally fails after several reuses; if you can blank other CD-RWs, this may be the problem.

Unable To Prepare resource_name Resource - BackupEDGE was unable to prepare the resource for use. A more descriptive reason is given. Generally, this indicates that BackupEDGE could not start a spooling process (in which case you should contact Microlite Technical Support or your VAR / Dealer / Reseller), or could not control the low-level parameters of the device. In the latter case, refer to "Cannot Read Parameters" above.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03