MySQL / MariaDB Hot Backups

BackupEDGE 3.x - MySQL / MariaDB Hot Backups

BackupEDGE performs MySQL™ and MariaDB Hot Backups (live backups of MySQL or MariaDBdatabases) by creating a special Backup Domain with the information and instructions necessary to cause the mysqldump command to send its output directly into its file input stream. The MySQL Domain is generally appended to the full system Backup Domain (or any other Domain but it can also be scheduled separately).

To set up MySQL / MariaDB backups in BackupEDGE, you should only have to run the installation wizard. It will ask you if you would like to include MySQL backups along with your normal filesystem backups. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Connection Method (UNIX [local databases] or TCP/IP Socket [remote databases])
  • Socket Path (usually autodetected) / Hostname and TCP/IP Port
  • MySQL or MariaDB User Name
  • MySQL or MariaDB Password

The wizard usually detects the first two properly for local databases. If it does not, it will prompt. BackupEDGE will automatically detect all databases and tables supported by one database server and display a count of tables and databases detected. It will then create a BackupEDGE Domain called mysql that includes this information. You may (and are encouraged to) review and edit this information, to see if the BackupEDGE autodetector has done something sane in your installation. This can be done via the Domain Editor.

There are different "database engines" available in MySQL / MariaDB. The most popular are the older MyISAM and the newer, transaction-safe InnoDB.

If ALL tables in a database are handled by InnoDB, BackupEDGE defaults to transaction mode while backing, meaning that the database will go into what is essentially a snapshot mode and we'll back up all tables from a point in time while the database continues to operate as normal (with lower performance) with other users.

If ANY table in a database is not InnoDB, that particular database will have its tables locked (together) during the database backup, meaning other users' commits will be blocked and they will have to wait until the locks are released.

MySQL / MariaDB Hot Backups are not supported by BackupEDGE on Xinuos SCO OpenServer 5.

Last Updated - 2015/12/10