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BackupEDGE 3.x - Content Databases

During the backup phase of a scheduled job, BackupEDGE calculates a checksum for each file or object archived and adds it to the archive. During the verify / index phase, BackupEDGE...

  • Re-calculates the checksum to make sure what it read is what it wrote.
  • Verifies the content of the archive against the original disk file (if bit-level verify is enabled).
  • Creates an index of the archive and stores it in a database.

The index database is stored on the hard drive. During Instant File Restore or Fast File Restore, BackupEDGE uses the index to identify the location of the files / directories to be restored from the archive, which provides the shortest possible access time.

Whenever an archive is over-written or erased, its index is "forgotten", i.e. deleted.

After two days, indexes are highly compressed on the hard drive for maximizing space savings. If needed, they are quickly de-compressed on demand.

An index database for any archive can be re-created on demand via a simple scan of the archive.

If a restore is attempted and an index no longer exists for the archive, the restore process simply streams sequentially through the archive instead of attempting high speed location (Instant File Restore or Fast File Restore).

Last Updated - 2015/04/10