March 2020 Newsletter

The World is Now on Hold - Let's Have a SALE!

Good day!

  • Support and Maintenance Subscriptions - Free Extra Year - for a VERY Limited Time!
  • BackupEDGE 03.03.00 Build 3 Released
  • Support End Of Life - 03.00.0x
  • Renewing a Support and Maintenance Subscription
  • Revitalizing Older UNIX Servers
  • Compatibility Notes

Support and Maintenance Subscriptions - Free Extra Year Sale

Well, so much for March Madness, and most other activities. Since we are all hunkered down, it may be a good time to think about system protection.

From now until March 31, 2020, Microlite Corporation is having a flash sale. We're adding a FREE EXTRA YEAR to the Support and Maintenance Subscription (SMS) that comes with each new retail BackupEDGElicense sold.

  • Purchase BE3REL license (BackupEDGE with ONE Year SMS), get a SECOND year SMSFREE!
  • Purchase BE3REL2 license (BackupEDGE with TWO Year SMS), get a THIRD year SMSFREE!
  • Purchase BE3REL3 license (BackupEDGE with THREE Year SMS), get a FOURTH year SMSFREE!
  • Purchase BE3REL4 license (BackupEDGE with FOUR Year SMS), get a FIFTH year SMSFREE!

This represents an instant $135.00 savings, and either a $150.00 or a $225.00 savings over renewing for another year at a later time. This offer is for new retail licenses only, not transferable, and not subject to prior sale. Act Quickly. Contact your Authorized BackupEDGE Reseller today. Or you may call our sales department at 888-257-3343 (724-375-6711 outside the US and Canada) or email us at to order!

BackupEDGE 03.03.00 Build 3

We are pleased to announce BackupEDGE 03.03.00 build 3. Engineering has undergone a major re-write of the way RecoverEDGE handles GPT under various Linux distributions, which both increases stability and allows a code base for future enhancements we will be bringing soon. Stay tuned!

We've also improved module handling for RecoverEDGE for Linux, as well as updating to the latest network and communications libraries.

All licenses under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription as of September 16, 2019 may update to this release at no charge. Please contact our sales department to renew older Subscriptions.

Support End Of Life - 03.00.0x

On April 30, 2020, BackupEDGE 03.00.00 through 03.00.07 licenses, or more specifically, licenses with a support expiration date prior to March 10, 2015, will be moved to "LICENSES NO LONGER SUPPORTED" status. E-mail support will no longer be available.

Emergency telephone support will still be available on an as-needed basis. The rate is $250.00 per hour, billable in 30 minute increments of $125.00.

BackupEDGE 03.00.0x licensees may still purchase a Support and Maintenance Subscription Renewal and update to a more recent, supported BackupEDGErelease until April 30, 2020. After April 30, 2020, BackupEDGE 03.00.0x licenses will no longer be upgradable. New retail licenses will need to be purchased.

Renewing a Support and Maintenance Subscription

When a Support and Maintenance Subscription is renewed, access to the latest BackupEDGE release is enabled. A new date-encoded activation code is sent.

This key must be entered into BackupEDGE through EDGEMENU to allow the license to accept either automatically or manually applied updates.

From EDGEMENU, got to Setup, then Activate BackupEDGE, then Activate. Type or paste the new activation code, then press [Enter] twice to save the code. Exit and restart EDGEMENU to enable the code.

You may now either manually download and install the latest BackupEDGE release, or use File then Check for Updates from within EDGEMENU to automatically check, download and update to the latest release.

Whenever you update BackupEDGE, please remember to re-make and archive your RecoverEDGE media or ISO images for safekeeping.

Revitalizing Older UNIX Servers

A surprisingly large number of our clients are running applications that "just work" on older operating system releases. While everything works, they tend to pray daily that their old hardware doesn't fail, as they have no way of making the operating system run on new hardware.

Are you one of those clients? If you have an old server running under:

  • OpenServer 5.0.5
  • OpenServer 5.0.6
  • OpenServer 5.0.7
  • OpenServer 6
  • UnixWare 7.1.4

we can preserve those operating systems and allow them to continue to function, usually with greatly improved performance, by converting them to run on new hardware under VMware vSphere (ESXi).

If you have this problem and would like us to help you resolve it. Call our sales department at 888-257-3343 (724-375-6711 outside the US and Canada) or email and ask about our conversion services. Or check out our web site conversion pages for:

This conversion process can be done over GoToMeeting sessions, so we can help you during this time when most business are slow.

Compatibility Notes

Whenever new updates are released by an operating system vendor, it is important to check our Linux Support Tables and UNIX Support Tables to ensure that we support the update, and to see the minimum BackupEDGE release required for proper operation with that update. BackupEDGE and RecoverEDGE are not like word processing software. They require intimate knowledge of the kernel to do their jobs properly.

Please note that the tables show the minimum required releases. Newer releases are always checked for backward compatibility, and contain the latest patches, fixes and feature and performance enhancements.

Easy update availability is another good reason to keep your BackupEDGE license under a current Support and Maintenance Subscription.

Keep safe, everyone,

D. Thomas Podnar
Microlite Corporation