July 1019 Newsletter

New In July

Good day! We haven't had a newsletter since February. These are just the latest of many, many changes, additions and improvements.

  • BackupEDGE 03.02.03 Build 2 Released
  • LVM Support for SUSE Enterprise Linux and openSUSE Leap
  • Modernized HTML Email Reports
  • Updated: Embedding Support Provider information in BackupEDGE Reports
  • Other Notes

BackupEDGE 03.02.03 Build 2

In this release we've:

  • Added support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 SP1.
  • Added LVM support in RecoverEDGE in many SUSE-family platforms.
  • Modernized the HTML version of the Backup Report.
  • Updated the Support Provider information section of the Backup Report.
  • Updated the Java detector to work better with SLES 15 and openSUSE Leap 15.

See the BackupEDGE Changelog for additional information on recent updates and changes. Licenses under current Support and Maintenance Subscriptions may update to this release free of charge, either manually or through the EDGEMENU auto-updater (EDGEMENU -> File -> Check for Updates).

LVM Support for SUSE Enterprise Linux and openSUSE Leap

We've been doing a lot of additional work on SLES and LEAP. In addition to adding full support for SLES 15 SP1 in this release, we've gone back and added LVM Support to RecoverEDGE for the following 64-bit distributions:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and 15 SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 through 12 SP4
  • openSUSE LEAP 15.1, 15.0, 42.3, 42.2, 42.1

You may install the operating systems in BIOS or UEFI mode, but you must manually select XFS or one of the EXT filesystems during installation. RecoverEDGE does not support the BTRFS filesystem type.

Modernized HTML Email Report

We have updated the HTML-based nightly backup reports. You've always had the ability to send email reports in HTML, but the new versions have have an improved table format and newer icons. You may click to see a new Sample HTML Email Report - Passed for a backup that passed and a Sample HTML Email Report - Failed for a backup that failed. See Section 19.1 - Working with Notifiers of the User Guide for information on switching emails to HTML format.

Embedding Contact Information in BackupEDGE Reports

The User Guide documents commands to embed information about the person or entity who is to provide primary BackupEDGE technical assistance, into the bottom of each Backup Report.

In previous releases this information included:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address

We've now included:

  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Web URL

Click to see a new Sample HTML Email or Sample TEXT Email and scroll to the bottom to see the Technical Assistance section. See Section 33.7 - EDGEMENU Command-Line Options of the User Guide for additional information.

Other Notes

Whenever new updates are released by an operating system vendor, it is important to check our Linux Support Tables and UNIX Support Tables to ensure that we support the update, and to see the minimum BackupEDGErelease required for proper operation with that update. BackupEDGE and RecoverEDGE are not like word processing software. They require intimate knowledge of the kernel to do their jobs properly.

Easy update availability is another good reason to keep your BackupEDGE license under a current Support and Maintenance Subscription.


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