February 1019 Newsletter

New In February

Happy 2019, and Happy February! We have a lot of new information to share this month.

  • Special Q1 End User Support Renewal Offer
  • Q1 Free Encryption License Offer
  • BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 7 Released
  • Web Services Interface Security Updates
  • Other Notes

End User Support and Maintenance Subscription Renewal Offer

One-Time-Only 15% Discount!

It is important to keep your BackupEDGE license under a current Support and Maintenance Subscription. With a current Subscription:

  • There is no charge for product updates. You'll have access to the latest releases of BackupEDGE as operating system updates are installed and security requirements change.
  • You'll have direct access to both telephone and email support directly from Microlite Corporation.
  • There is no charge for cross-platform upgrades should you change from your current operating system to different one supported by BackupEDGE.
  • If you ever have to have the product re-activated, fees are waived.
  • To help keep you under a Subscription, future extensions are significantly less expensive than renewals.

Microlite Corporation has a special offer for you. We'll give you a one-time only chance to renew your Subscription for up to 5 years, at a 15% discount from our regular prices.

Individual notices by serial number will be sent out soon. You are encouraged to contact your Authorized BackupEDGE Reseller, or you may order directly from Microlite Corporation.

This offer only applies to BE3SMR* orders where the 3.x Subscription expired on or before December 31, 2017.

This offer EXPIRES on Friday, March 29th, 2019.

Please be sure to keep your Subscriptions current.

Free Encryption License Offer

Until March 29, 2019, Microlite Corporation is offering a FREE ENCRYPTION LICENSE with each new retail BackupEDGElicense sold, whether through a reseller or directly by Microlite. This represents a $150.00 value. The encryption license, if activated, must be used along with the BackupEDGE license it was sold with. It is not transferable, and not subject to prior sale.

Encryption provides an extra degree of protection for all archives, and is especially useful in HIPAA and other situations where regulatory compliance is an issue. It is also useful when doing cloud / internet backups. See our Encryption Whitepaper for additional information.

NOTE: Please remember that BackupEDGE 2.x and earlier licenses can no longer be upgraded. You must purchase a new license for these products. This is a great opportunity to move to BackupEDGE 3.xand get the encryption license.

BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 7

Microlite Corporation is pleased to announce the release of BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 7.

In an earlier release (BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 3), our engineering department spent a lot of time optimizing the code in our S3CLOUD Resource type, which is used to communicate with S3-Compatible storage clouds like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Wasabi. This resulted in a significant performance increase for both S3CLOUD and FTP/FTPS backups, but came at the expense of increased memory usage. Build 7 is now more memory-friendly, and a highly recommended update.

Please refer to this TECH NOTE for more information.

We've also added a LOT of support for new operating system platforms in the past few builds, including:

  • SUSE Product Family
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4
    • OpenSUSE Leap 15
  • Red Hat Family
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6
    • Oracle Linux Server 7.6
    • CentOS 7 18.10 (CentOS 7.6)
    • Scientific Linux 7.6
  • Ubuntu Family
    • Ubuntu 18.10 Server
    • Ubuntu 16.04.5
  • Xinuos / SCO Family
    • SCO OpenServer 5 Definitive 2018 (build D2M1)

We spend a lot of engineering time to make sure we keep up with the constant changes made by operating system vendors.

Web Services Interface Security Updates

Our graphical, web services user interface is based on Java. This interface requires a we browser with a Java plugin. To the best of our knowledge, only Microsoft Internet Explorer still supports a Java plugin.

With recent Java updates for Windows, increasing security measures have been put into place. These will cause your Java plugin not to work with EDGEMENU. Please see our Java Web Services Interface Tech Note for information on re-enabling this interface after a java update.

When Java 9 (Java 1.9.0) is released later this year, plugins will be disabled entirely. You will be forced to use the X Windows GUI (Linux only), or the character-based version of EDGEMENU from the console or a terminal emulation session to administer BackupEDGE, while we engineer an alternative web-based solution.

Other Notes

Whenever new updates are released by an operating system vendor, it is important to check our Linux Support Tables and UNIX Support Tables to ensure that we support the update, and to see the minimum BackupEDGErelease required for proper operation with that update. BackupEDGE and RecoverEDGE are not like word processing software. They requires intimate knowledge of the kernel to do their jobs properly.

Easy update availability is another good reason to keep your BackupEDGE license under a current Support and Maintenance Subscription.


D. Thomas Podnar
Microlite Corporation