May 2018 Newsletter

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  • BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 3 Released
  • Other Notes

BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 3

Microlite Corporation is pleased to announce the release of BackupEDGE 03.02.01 Build 3.

Our engineering department has spent a lot of time optimizing the code in our S3CLOUD Resource type, which is used to communicate with S3-Compatible storage clouds like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Wasabi.

There is a significant performance bump in this release, especially if you use larger segment sizes, which weren't available in prior releases. Please refer to this TECH NOTE for more information.

If you have not yet tried cloud storage with BackupEDGE, or if you have tried in the past and found it to be slower than you had expected for your available bandwidth, we highly recommend that you install or update to this release and give cloud backups a try. They can solve your off-site backups problems at prices that can be lower annually than the cost of replacing local storage media.

We've also added support for:

  • CentOS 7 18.04 (CentOS 7.5)
  • Scientific Linux 7.5
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server Bionic Beaver (both standard and alternate installer)

in addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 and Oracle Linux Server 7.5 for which support was added in 03.02.01 build 2.

Other Notes

Please note that, due to a kernel change, no other previous BackupEDGE releases will work with the 7.5 series of the Red Hat family.

Whenever new updates are released by an operating system vendor, it is important to check our compatibility guides to ensure that we support the update. BackupEDGE and RecoverEDGE are not like word processing software. They requires intimate knowledge of the kernel to do their jobs properly.

Easy update availability is another good reason to keep your BackupEDGE license under a current Support and Maintenance Subscription.


D. Thomas Podnar
Microlite Corporation