March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

Dear BackupEDGE User,

Here is the latest news about BackupEDGE from Microlite Corporation.

March Madness - Bonus Round Promotion

Everyone has to have a March Madness promotion, so here is ours! From March 16, 2015, until Monday, April 6, 2015, we are including a

50% Longer Support and Maintenance Subscription (SMS)

with every new BackupEDGE License or SMS renewal or SMS extension purchased. This promotion includes all retail part numbers and upgrades with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 year SMSs.

  1. Products that normally include a one year SMS will get one and 1/2 years.
  2. Products that include a two year SMS will get three years.
  3. Products that include a three year SMS will get four and 1/2 years.
  4. Products that include a four year SMS will get six years.
  5. Products that include a five year SMS will get seven and 1/2 years.

Licenses shipped by Microlite between March 16 and April 6, 2015 will have the special bonus period marked and will be good whenever they are activated.

Unmarked licenses in the field originally purchased from Microlite prior to March 16, 2015 that have not yet been activated will get this promotion automatically applied, as long as they are activated by April 6, 2015. Licenses activated on or before March 13, 2015 are not eligible.

As is the normal case...

  • New Licenses will have the Subscription period calculated from the registration date.
  • SMS Renewals will have the Subscription period calculated from the date of issuance of the new Activation Code.
  • SMS Extensions will have the Subscription period calculated from the end date of the prior Subscription.

While under an SMS...

  • Products are eligible for both telephone and email technical support.
  • Product upgrade fees are waived. For example, BackupEDGE 2.x users may upgrade to 3.x at any time during the course of the Subscription at no additional charge.
  • Product re-activation fees are waived.
  • Cross-platform upgrade fees are waived when transferring BackupEDGE licenses from one supported platform to another.
  • BackupEDGE 3.x licensees have continuing access to the latest updates and new releases from the Microlite upgrade servers.

You may contact your reseller or our sales department ( to check on the current Support and Maintenance Subscription status of any of your licenses.

S3-Compatible API Extensions in 03.01.01 build 4

As mentioned in our previous newsletter and on our web site, we continue to provide more choices to give clients needed flexibility in choosing how to store their backups.

In BackupEDGE 03.01.01 we introduced a new  "s3cloud" Resource. This Resource type is fully compatible with the S3 Standard Storage API, providing a standardized approach to cloud backups using Amazon and other vendors.

In 03.01.01 build 4, we have added Google Cloud Storage support.

We now officially support Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, dinCloud D3 and Dunkel, and will be qualifying more cloud storage vendors in the future. If you have a favorite cloud storage vendor who supports the S3 API, let us know and we'll be happy to look at qualifying them.

More information on "s3cloud" backup Resources may be found on our S3 Cloud Backup Info web page, and in Section 10 of the latest BackupEDGE User Guide. Please contact your reseller or our sales department ( for more information or to upgrade to BackupEDGE 03.01.01 build 4.

Note that the legacy Amazon "DevPay" cloud is still fully functional and BackupEDGE "aws" Resources continue to work. Amazon has indicated that they'd like all clients to transition to the S3 API for cloud backups sometime during the first half of 2015.

New Platform Support

BackupEDGE 03.01.01 build 4 has been updated to support.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1
  • Ubuntu 14.02.2 [Trusty Tahr].

No previous releases are supported for these operating systems.

Please check our Linux Support Tables before installing BackupEDGE on new operating system distributions.

Xinuos (SCO) OpenServer 6 Patch

BackupEDGE 03.01.01 build 4 changes RecoverEDGE for OpenServer 6 to resolve various issues related to Dell and other servers with newer USB chipsets.

Updated Security and Communications Libraries

We constantly track changes in the security and communications libraries used by BackupEDGE, even if we probably aren't using portions of the libraries that may be subject to vulnerability. BackupEDGE 03.01.01 build 3 and build 4 have the most recent libraries available.

License Re-Activation Policies

There is now a fee to re-activate a BackupEDGE license for those not under a current SMS. This remains a no-charge benefit for those under a current Subscription. Please see our web site Re-Activation Policies Page for details on this change.


Your reseller is already aware of these new SMS promotions as well as our updated S3 storage cloud support.

Contact them today to start saving money on cloud backups, and better protect your current servers. Stock up now for savings on new licenses for servers you plan to deploy shortly.

If you do not have a current reseller, please check our web site Authorized Reseller List. You may also contact our sales department directly via email ( or telephone at 888-257-3343 (US & Canada) or 724-375-6711.

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Kindest regards, and thanks for your continuing support of Microlite Corporation and BackupEDGE.

D. Thomas Podnar
Microlite Corporation
888-257-3343 - Toll-Free
724-375-6711 - Main