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October 2014 Newsletter - Encryption

Dear BackupEDGE User,

Well, we’ve all been reading lately about the dire consequences of data breaches. From retailers to restaurants to healthcare providers, personal data is being compromised at alarming rates. Unprotected backups, especially when made to ubiquitous media such as tapes, cartridges or flash drives, are a serious potential theft threat. Unprotected NAS devices can also be at risk.

Data Encryption is more important than ever, and we’ve got over 11 years of experience providing FIPS level encryption to system backups.

We have two new BackupEDGE promotions this quarter:

  1. to help save you money while protecting new servers and
  2. to get your in-use servers updated to include encryption.

New License Promotion

We are including a Free Encryption License with every new BackupEDGE BE3REL retail license or BE3RELNP non-profit / charity license sold by Microlite Corporation between October 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. This promotion includes all retail part numbers which include 2, 3, 4, and 5 year Support and Maintenance Subscriptions.

An Encryption License (BE3ENCP) will be automatically attached to each retail license ordered from Microlite or one of our partners, and locked in our system to the serial number of the retail license it is delivered with, i.e., it cannot be activated with any other serial number.

If you have not yet activated a BackupEDGE BE3REL or BE3RELNP license or licenses purchased since August 1, 2014, you may contact Lois Podnar ( about having it (or them) voided and re-issued as combo licenses including encryption. This must be done by October 15, 2014.

  • Encryption Licenses provide extra security as each archive (or portions of an archive) may be encrypted to very high standards. More information on encryption can be found on our web site, If you choose not to activate the promotional Encryption License, it is not transferable and has no other value.
  • Encryption Licenses do not add to the price of Support and Maintenance Subscription extensions/renewals, so this will not cost more money in the future.

No other action is required on your part; the Encryption Licenses will be provided with new licenses. Only orders shipped and invoiced from now until December 31, 2014 will receive the Encryption License at no charge.

Encryption License Promotion

To reward you for your loyalty to our products, we’re also going to get a little crazy on Encryption License pricing this quarter only. From now until December 31, 2014, Encryption Licenses will be available to all BackupEDGE end-users currently under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription at HALF PRICE. To purchase these special Encryption License SKUs at half-price, you must:

  1. ensure the BackupEDGE license for which you are purchasing the special Encryption license is under a current Support and Maintenance Subscription, or
  2. purchase a Support and Maintenance Subscription extension or renewal along with the special Encryption License SKU (for the same license).

You may contact our sales department ( to check on the current Support and Maintenance Subscription status of any of your licenses.

Suggested End User Price
BE3ENCS BackupEDGE Encryption License for 3.x clients under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription (available only until December 31, 2014) $75.00


Your reseller is already aware of these promotions.

Contact them today to start better protecting your current servers and stock up on licenses now for servers you plan to deploy shortly.

If you do not have a current reseller, please check our web site Authorized Reseller List. You may also contact our sales department directly via email ( or telephone at 888-257-3343 (US & Canada) or 724-375-6711.

Helpful Web Site Links

Kindest regards, and thanks for your continuing support of Microlite Corporation and BackupEDGE.

D. Thomas Podnar
Microlite Corporation
888-257-3343 - Toll-Free
724-375-6711 - Main