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Welcome to our March 2014 Newsletter. This month we'll cover...

BackupEDGE 03.00.07 with Linux P2V Support

03.00.07 adds P2V (physical to virtual) migration support for the following Linux distributions...

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and 5.x.
  • CentOS 6.x and 5.x.
  • Oracle Linux Server 6.4 and later.

When making RecoverEDGE media/images, P2V mode automatically prepares the media to recover either to the original machine or to a VMware ESXi 5 or later server. It is important to read the Linux P2V section of the BackupEDGE 03.00.07 User Guide(currently section 28) to see what is necessary to use this feature.

Linux P2V requires a registered and activated version of BackupEDGE on the physical server. This capability will not function in 60 day demo mode. A Whitepaper is also available. Current users must be under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription as of March 10, 2014 to be able to update to 03.00.07 at no charge.

More information on which features and Linux distributions we support (and specific things we do not support) is available on our web site Linux Support Tables page.

BackupEDGE 03.00.06 build 5

We've ended 03.00.06 with a final build 5. Build 4 and build 5 have some fixes for Java detection and index database management. All users eligible for 03.00.06 should be updated to build 5. Users eligible for 03.00.07 should update directly to that release.

Remember, anytime you update BackupEDGE or make changes to storage Resources or make changes to your system kernel, drives, filesystems, etc. you should re-create your RecoverEDGE  disaster recovery media or images.

Amazon S3 Pricing for BackupEDGE - More Value 

As Amazon Web Services lowers the pricing for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) we want to be pro-active in passing the changes along.

As of March 1, 2014, the pricing model has changed to...

  • $25.00 per month, including the first 100GB per month of storage and 100GB per month of downloads. Uploads remain free.
  • $0.15 per GB for any storage or download overages after 100GB.

This represents 67% more storage and downloads than our previous pricing, plus savings of an additional 3 cents per GB after 100GB (these charges formerly started after 60GB). Amazon S3 continues to become a better value for off-site data protection.

See the Amazon S3 section of our web site for additional information.

Our Cloud Computing Partner

SCO Cloud, our cloud computing partner, now has the unique expertise and ability to virtualize...

  • Linux servers.
  • Xinuos SCO OpenServer 6 servers.
  • Xinuos SCO OpenServer 5 servers.
  • Xinuos SCO UnixWare 7.1.4 servers.
  • Microsoft Windows servers through Windows Server 2012.
  • Microsoft Windows desktops.
If you are ready to forever eliminate your hardware upgrade woes, please contact our friends at SCO Cloud today by emailing sales@scocloud.com, or by filling out the SCO Cloud Contact Form.

Updating Support and Maintenance Subscriptions

Keeping BackupEDGE under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription is important...

While under a Subscription...

  • Products are eligible for both telephone and email technical support.
  • Product upgrade fees are waived. For example, BackupEDGE2.x users may upgrade to 3.x at any time during the course of the subscription at no additional charge.
  • Cross-platform upgrade fees are waived when moving from BackupEDGE on any platform to another supported platform.
  • BackupEDGE3.x licensees have continuing access to the Microlite upgrade servers during the course of the Support and Maintenance Subscription simply by entering a new activation code into EDGEMENU which is provided with each Renewal or Extension.

If your Support and Maintenance Subscription has expired, please contact your reseller immediately to renew it for up to five years. We are in the process of sending out renewal forms to all BackupEDGE 3.x registered users with expired subscriptions. These will come via your reseller or, in some cases, directly to you. You may also download, complete and return the Subscription Renewal Form.

If you have a currently active Support and Maintenance Subscription, you may extend it at an even lower price. Please contact your reseller or download, complete and return the Subscription Extension Form.

Please fax your forms back to us at 724-375-6908. You may also return them via postal mail (address is on the forms), or scan and email them to sales@microlite.com.

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Kindest regards, and thanks for your continuing support of Microlite and BackupEDGE.

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