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My IDE tape drive doesn't work well under Linux.
Linux Suse IDE SCSI emulation BackupEDGE verify error
Product Release(s)
02.01.0x 02.00.0x 01.02.0x 01.01.08
Operating System(s)
Linux (glibc 2.1)
Linux (glibc 2.0)
Linux (libc)
Problem Description
I can write onto the drive but can not read from it. You get error messages like:

ide-tape: ht0: I/O error, pc = 1e, key = 5, asc = 20, ascq = 0

The device must be run in SCSI emulation mode. This is especially true under SUSE 6.4.
You should hit the SUSE web site, search for the following document.

This should correct the IDE tape problem on your SUSE 6.4 server.

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Last Updated - 2022/01/03