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Microlite BackupEDGE 03.03.01 build 2

Microlite BackupEDGE 03.03.01 build 2 is now available. This release adds support for:

  • Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Server
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

These add to the support already included in build 1, including for:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8.2
  • CentOS 8.2-3004 Server
  • Oracle Linux Server 8.2
  • Older operating system distributions from a wide variety of Linux vendors

Since 1999, BackupEDGE has been THE solution for backup and bare metal disaster recovery of Linux servers, giving the user the widest possible choice of backup medium, including:

  • Cloud services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Wasabi
  • Network-Attached-Storage (NAS)
  • Removable disk / flash disk storage
  • Optical media such as Blu-ray Disc BD-RE and DVD
  • Traditional tape drives, libraries and changers

Download a free, 60-day evaluation copy of BackupEDGE today at https://www.microlite.com.