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BackupEDGE 03.02.00 Build 3 Released

Good day. We've released BackupEDGE 03.02.00 Build 3. This release adds improved UEFI support to our Linux products, and updates our communications and security libraries. Please see our Linux Support Tables for the latest information.

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New Amazon S3 Region Available

We are very pleased to announce that Amazon S3 testing has been completed for the latest Amazon Region, which is is in Paris, France. As of this date, all of the current Amazon S3 worldwide Regions are supported. This information has been added to our website S3 Page and to our User Guide.

Please note that there are also two Amazon S3 Regions in China. A special "Amazon China" account is required for these regions, so we have not tested them.


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Welcome to the new Microlite corporate blog

Hi Folks. Welcome to the new Microlite corporate blog. Here you'll be seeing new, fast-breaking news and commentary about Microlite and BackupEDGE. You are welcome to comment and ask questions by clicking on "Comments" at the lower right. (Support questions should not go here. They should be directed to support@microlite.com.)

Tom Podnar

President of Microlite Corporation

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