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BackupEDGE 03.04.01 build 3 and a New Tool

We have released BackupEDGE 03.04.01 build 3. Users under current Support and Maintenance Subscriptions may update at no charge. 

This is primarily a RecoverEDGE maintenance release for Linux systems and has improvements in partition sizing, SharpDrive debugging, and UEFI table cleanup after a bare metal recovery.


However, it also enables one new feature. 

We've created a new tool that permits Linux users to create a RecoverEDGE boot-only USB stick. This can be done on any size stick, as small as 128MB.

The stick will work with SharpDrive, NAS, Cloud,  or any other BackupEDGE Resource types.

The stick can be made for UEFI-based or BIOS-based servers (the current SharpDrive method for BIOS-based servers is still recommended).

In a world where new servers are being delivered without optical drives, this tool is quite useful for creating a bootable USB stick that can be kept separate from day-to-day backup media. It will remain available until bootable USB media can be supported within RecoverEDGE on UEFI-based systems.


More information and instructions for getting the tool can be found at: