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Introducing BackupEDGE 03.03.00 Build 3

We are pleased to announce BackupEDGE 03.03.00 build 3.
  • Engineering has undergone a major re-write of the way RecoverEDGE handles GPT under various Linux distributions, which both increases stability and allows a code base for future enhancements we will be bringing soon. Stay tuned!
  • We've also improved module handling for RecoverEDGE for Linux, as well as updating to the latest network and communications libraries.
  • Ubuntu 18.04.04 LTS Server is supported with this release.
All licenses under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription as of September 16, 2019 may update to this release at no charge. Please contact our sales department to renew older Subscriptions.
See the BackupEDGE March 2020 Newsletter for additional details an a sale lasting only until March 31. 2020.